Christmas Festival – A Big Day of Happiness

Christmas Festival – A Big Day of Happiness : Here we are telling about Christmas Festival. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year. Christmas Festival comes with a lots of happiness. Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. Christmas is one of the major festivals celebrated across the world with great joy and enthusiasm.

Christmas Festival – A Big Day of Happiness

The big day has come. There is a lot of happiness, happiness and great enthusiasm can be seen in the children. Special preparations have been made for Christmas in churches. Actually, now this festival has become a collective celebration of all religions and beliefs rather than one particular community.

Christmas Festival - A Big Day of Happiness

Christmas Festival – A Big Day of Happiness

Santa Claus, Christmas tree, prayers, shining candles and stars, bells and sound of bells, beautiful decorations, electric sparkling bulbs, greeting cards, cakes, pastries, song-music, smelling flowers and chirping children. Together, they are telling that December 25 is Christmas Day.

In Christianity, this festival, which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus, is celebrated in every church with great enthusiasm and special style. This style becomes even more special when people of different religions join in it to bring together mutual brotherhood and religious harmony. In such a situation, this big day becomes even bigger.

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Like other religions, Christianity also has different sects, so churches are of many types. Such as ‘Catholic Church’, ‘Orthodox Church’, ‘Church of North India’, ‘Baptist Church’ or ‘Protestant Church‘ etc. But even after this classification, like almost every religion, Christianity also shows the path of peace, unity, charity, love and brotherhood.

This festival shows the way to be happy and to share happiness. On this day, the Christmas Festival is celebrated in every church with great pomp and show. People from other religions also attend Christmas and other events in these churches and take part in the joy of their Christian friends. Various religious leaders also visit the churches and convey their blessings and peace to everyone.

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On Christmas day, these churches become a center of special attraction for people of all religions. On Christmas day, there is a continuous crowd of people in the church from 12-1 am. On this day, millions of people come to the church. Devotees light candles and pray in front of the idol of Mother Maryam.

Except for a few things, Christmas Day is celebrated happily together in almost the same manner everywhere. In memory of Lord Jesus, this church is also decorated like a cow shed from inside and outside, because Lord Jesus was born in a cow shed. Herds that look after them in tableaux are also depicted.

The euphoria of Christmas preparations, which begins a month in advance, not only lasts until December 25, but continues until January 6. During this period, festivals like ‘Christmas Jagran Missa‘, ‘innocent children‘ festival, ‘Holy Family‘ festival, New Year and ‘Prabhu Prakash‘ festival are constantly going on. Of course now this festival has become everyone, not one religion.

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