Christmas History in English

Christmas History in English : Christmas is an important festival of Christianity. It is celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also known as Big Day. It is celebrated every year on 25th of December in most countries of the world. In this article, we are telling you Christmas history in English. We also covered how Christmas is celebrated in our previous article.

Christmas History in English

The word ‘Christmas’ is derived from the word Christ Mass and it is believed that the first Christmas Day was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD. On this day, people give each other gifts and have a party. So let us know the Christmas history in english and information about Christmas.

Birth of Jesus

According to the Bible, the birth of Jesus, the God of Christianity, was born from the womb of Mother Mary. Mother Mary was a virgin before the birth of Christ. He was engaged to a man named Yusuf, the king of Dawood. One day the angels came to Mary and they said that soon you will have a child and name that child Jesus. The angel told that Jesus will grow up to be a king and that there will be no limit to his kingdom, which will show this world the way of freedom from suffering.

Christmas History in English

Mother Mary hesitantly said that I am still single, how is this possible? The angels said that all this would happen through a miracle. Soon Mother Mariam and Yusuf were married. After marriage, both of them moved to a place called Bethlehem in the province of Judea. It was here that Jesus was born in the stables one night. On this day, a star shone very brightly in the sky, and this made people feel that their Messiah was born to escape the rule of Rome. Even today, people celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ as Christmas.

However, there are different stories about celebrating Christmas on 25 December. Christmas also marks the beginning of the 12-day festive Christmastide. The birth of Jesus, based on the Anno Domini period system, 7 to 2 BC. Took place between 25 December There is no known actual birth date of the birth of Jesus Christ and this date seems to have been chosen on the basis of a connection with a Roman feast or Makar Sankranti (winter solstice).

Some people who claimed to be Christians choose this day later because non-Christians in Rome celebrated the birthday of the invincible Sun. Christians wanted Jesus’ birthday to be celebrated on this day. When the heat of the sun subsides in the winter season, non-Christians used to worship and celebrate rituals with the intention that the sun should return from its long journey and give them warmth and light again. He believed that on December 25, the sun begins to return.

Christmas History in English

Initially there was a difference of opinion about whether the birthday of Jesus should be celebrated? At that time, Easter was the main Christian festival for the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. In almost a hundred countries of the world, the Christmas festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm today. In many countries, this day is declared a state holiday. To celebrate this day as Christmas festival, many problems had to be faced. For the last one and a half century, Christmas festivals have been organized without any hindrance.

Jesus Teachings

Jesus taught the world of unity and brotherhood. “He showed people the way to be close to God.” Jesus insisted on forgiving and seeking forgiveness. He also forgave his killers.

Santa Claus

Today Santa Claus has become the identity of this festival. The image of Santa Claus is that of a chubby man who always wears red clothes and comes to sit on his sled giving gifts to children at Christmas. Today, without Santa Claus, the imagination of Christmas is incomplete for everyone.

Christmas History in English

There are many stories about Santa Claus. Many believe that in the fourth century Saint Nicholas, who was the bishop of the city of Turkey called Myra, was the real Santa. Saint Nicholas always gave gifts to the poor. People respected Saint Nicholas at that time. From that time on, Santa Claus was conceived.

Christmas Tree

When the Lord Jesus was born, all the Gods came to see him and congratulate his parents. Evergreen fur tree is decorated on every Christmas day from that day till today and it is called Christmas tree. The first person to start decorating the Christmas tree was an English evangelist named Bonifence Tuyo. It first began in Germany between the tenth century.

Information about Christmas

Carols are sung and prayers are performed by all Christian communities several days before Christmas. Jesus’ birthplace is displayed in the churches all over the world in the form of tableaux. On the night between 24-25 December, worship is done all the time. Devotional songs are sung. The next day is a birthday celebration. In the churches, the Christmas tree is decorated with the symbol of the desire of Mars. The premises of the places of worship are decorated as if Diwali is being celebrated.

Christmas History in English

Today, the more religious Christmas is, the more social festival has become. Many non-Christian people also celebrate it as a secular, cultural festival. On this occasion all business activities remain at their peak. During this time, there is a tradition of giving sweets, chocolates, greeting cards, Christmas trees, decorative items etc. to family members, friends, relatives and neighbors.

On this day, everyone enjoys a cultural holiday and on this occasion all government (schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, training centers etc.) and non-government institutions are closed. In Britain and other Commonwealth countries, the next day before Christmas, that is 26 December, is celebrated as Boxing Day. In some Catholic countries it is also called St. Stephens Day or Feast of St. Stephens.

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