Essay on Christmas in English for Students

Essay on Christmas in English : It is time to celebrate the festival of Christmas. Here we are providing essay on Christmas in English for students to participate in essay writing competition in their schools or colleges. This essay on Christmas is written for students by our author. Essay on Christmas is written in very simple words.

Essay on Christmas in English

Christmas festival is associated with Christianity, but it is celebrated by people of almost all religions everywhere in the world. On the arrival of Christmas, there is a wave of joy in the whole world. Christmas is also called “A Big Day”.

Essay on Christmas in English for Students


The Christmas festival is the most important festival of Christians. Diwali is important for Hindus and Eid for Muslims. In the same way, Christmas is important for Christians. It is celebrated on 25th of December every year with great joy and gaiety.

This festival is celebrated as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ laid the foundation of Christianity. People believe that for the welfare of mankind, God sent Jesus Christ to this world on this day.

Festival Preparations

Preparations begin long before this festival to celebrate. All houses, shops and churches are cleaned and whitewashed in them. Homes and churches are very well decorated. Colorful pictures, mirrors, paper flowers etc. are put on the walls and all the rooms and halls are illuminated with colorful flags and flowers.

Essay on Christmas in English for Students

The shops are very well decorated. There is a lot of selling of toys and decorations. All Christians celebrate it with great pomp. Whether someone is rich or poor child or old or man or woman, on this day, you will look very happy. Brighter lights are also done in homes

Christmas Tree

The most important part of this festival is the planting of Christmas trees. For this, a big branch of tree is cut and it is buried in any corner of the house or garden.

Essay on Christmas in English for Students

Various toys like dolls, flowers, etc. are hung on this branch. At night, it is illuminated with candles or with electric bulbs. This tree looks great by flaring at night


At night, all the children and old men and women and men of the house gather at one place. They all sing and pray to God and praise him that he kindly sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth to remove all kinds of sins and sufferings.

Exchanging Gifts

After the prayer Christmas gifts are given to all the members and guests of the house. Christmas greetings cards, photos, books and sweets etc. are sent to other friends and relatives.

Essay on Christmas in English for Students exchanging gifts

Dinner and Dancing

On this day, Christians invite their friends and relatives to have dinner. Prosperous Christians organize this on a large scale. All kinds of delicious items of food are prepared. Homegrown looks very busy on this occasion. She welcomes all guests and household members and provides them with food.

According to their power, all people collect the best food items. After the banquet is over, everyone enjoys music. They dance and sing all night long. After this all the Christians go to the Church and pray to God there that the coming year bring prosperity and happiness in their life.

time to celebrate the festival of Christmas


All over the world, the Christian community celebrates Christmas festival with great pomp. During the British rule, all schools and colleges had a holiday of fifteen days on this occasion. Many Hindus and Muslims sent valuable gifts to the British authorities.

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