Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English – Here we are providing you Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English that will be helpful for students to participate in essay writing competitions in their schools or colleges.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English

Despite all the teachers behaving well towards me, I find English teachers to be the best and the most loved. One reason for this may be his external personality is as beautiful and attractive, his speech, behavior and manner of teaching are also beautiful. Whatever he teaches, he makes a picture of it and makes the subject come true. Students never forget their lessons taught and explained.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English – Here we are providing you Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English that will be helpful for students

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English

The face of teacher is always filled with a serene smile. I have never heard or seen them talking stupidly outside or inside the classroom. His costumes are also tailored to his personality – straightforward like his ideas.

In morning, weekly or monthly meetings, whenever he comes to speak or give a speech, the student forgets everything except for the rest. Really, if all the teachers become like them. So all the students can be very well. And nowadays, many types of stigma which are being imposed on the teacher class, it can also be easily solved.

My dear teachers are soft-spoken. Not only the students, but their colleagues are also impressed by their sweet dialect. He is highly respected in the school. Whenever an educational tour program is organized by the school, they always go together. Students become comfortable and disciplined only by their presence. They do not believe in giving corporal punishment to students. They tell us – make mistakes, learn new mistakes; you will learn from them, but do not repeat the same mistake again and again. Those who repeat the same mistake over and over are foolish.

Such motivational sentences have the magic effect on students.

Who would not be proud to receive the blessings of such a perfect teacher. They do not discriminate with students. Look at everyone with equal vision. They provide appropriate facilities to poor and meritorious students on behalf of the school. They motivate students to adopt healthy habits. He also keeps an eye on cleanliness by doing classes and school. They inspire us to keep positive thinking and adopt a scientific approach.

Place of Guru in society – In ancient times, the importance of Guru has been of paramount importance in our society. Guru, Acharya or teacher are all synonyms. The teacher is an artist who builds his disciples’ personality very easily and efficiently. Our guru is the one who removes ignorance of our mind and spreads the light of knowledge in it.

God can also be interviewed only by the grace of Guru. Due to this specialty, Kabirdas etc. saint poets can only be done by the grace of Guru. Due to this feature, Kabirdas etc. saint poets first worshiped Guru and described Guru as more than God. In fact, the creator of human life is the creator of our society and nation.

My dear teacher’s exemplary life – My dear teacher’s routine is exemplary. They wake up every morning and retire from routine work and go for regular excursions. Then take bath and worship and take food and come to school. They conduct the prayer meeting of the school. For five minutes after the prayer, they give instructive lectures on new topics every day.

After that, they teach regularly. Characterizing the lesson, giving homework related to it, checking the homework given earlier, doing oral questions and mentioning other related things are the characteristics of their reading style. Doing self-study at home in the evening. On Sunday, they try to contact the parents. And spend half an hour in social service. In this way the teacher’s routines are regular and fixed.

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