Essay on New Year in English for Students in Simple Words

Essay on New Year in English for Students in Simple Words : It is time to welcome the New Year with full of energy. New Year brings us lots of happiness. Here we are providing an essay on New Year in English for students to participate in essay writing competition. This essay on New Year is written in simple words for students by our author.

Essay on New Year in English

New Year i.e. the first day of the year is celebrated on 1st of January. With this day most people around the world begin their New Year. The New Year fills a new zeal and enthusiasm in us and gives the message of living life in new ways. However, this euphoria of the New Year is celebrated on different days in different corners of the world because there are many calendars all over the world and in every calendar the New Year comes on different days.

happy new year essay in english for students in simple words

happy new year essay in english for students in simple words

According to an estimate, there are 50 calendars in India alone, many of which are held on different days. The calendar celebrated on 1st of January is based on the Gregorian, beginning with the Roman calendar.

But today, on January 1, the New Year is celebrated just like Diwali. The trend of giving sweets and messages on the New Year is increasing. The new one brings new aspirations, new hopes and some new dreams to everyone. That is why everyone waits for the New Year with utmost care. It is also believed that if the first day of the New Year is celebrated with enthusiasm and happiness, then the whole year will be spent with this enthusiasm and happiness.

People celebrate many years in advance to celebrate the New Year celebrations. People gather on the night of 31 December and start celebrating the New Year and everyone wishes each other New Year as early as 12 pm. People celebrate New Year by fireworks at night.

Happy New Year Essay in English

The New Year teaches us to move forward, so whatever we did in the old year, we should be learned, and then we succeeded and failed. We should learn from these things and move forward with a new hope. The New Year inspires us to move forward and instills a new spirit and energy in us. Just as we start the New Year with a new zeal and enthusiasm. We should not be sad about the past in life, instead of thinking about what has passed, we should welcome the coming year with joy and gaiety.

Programs are organized in different places of the country in the happiness of New Year. Thousands of people come to see the celebrations; some people celebrate the New Year together with their family, relatives and friends. If we go, then we can say goodbye to the old year and laugh with lots of joy and new hopes.

That is why a new year brings new joys and hopes to us and the old year goes by giving us some sweet memories.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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