Essay on Pollution in English

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Essay on Pollution in English


In this age of science, where humans have got some boons, there have been some curses. Pollution is a curse born out of the womb of science and which most of the public are compelled to bear.

Meaning of Pollution

Pollution means defect in natural balance. Neither pure air nor pure water, nor pure food, nor a peaceful atmosphere.

Essay on Pollution in English

Essay on Pollution in English

There are many types of pollution. Major pollutions are air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

Air Pollution

This pollution is more spread in metro cities. Around the clock, the smoke of factories and the black smoke of motor vehicles have spread in such a way that breathing in healthy air has become difficult. When the women of Mumbai go to remove the washed clothes from the roof, they get dark black particles frozen on them. These particles go into the lungs of humans with breath and give rise to incurable diseases. This problem is more where there is dense population, lack of trees and the environment is tight.

Water Pollution

The contaminated water of factories combined with the rivers and streams, creates severe water pollution. At the time of flood, the foul water of the factories dissolves in all the sewers. Many diseases arise due to this.

Noise Pollution

Humans need a quiet environment to live. But nowadays the noise of the factories, the noise of traffic, the shouting of motor vehicles, the parotic sound of loud speakers has led to deafness and stress.

Consequences of Pollutions

Due to the above mentioned pollution, healthy life of human being is threatened. The man has longed for long breath in the open air. Due to the dirty water many diseases go into the crops which reach the human body and cause deadly diseases. Thousands of people died due to the gas received from the Bhopal gas factory, how many were crippled. Due to environment-pollution neither rain comes on time, nor does the cycle of winter-summer run properly. Pollution is also the cause of natural outbreaks like drought, floods, hailstones, etc.

Causes of Pollution

Factories, excessive use of scientific instruments, fridges, coolers, air conditioning, power plants etc. are guilty in increasing pollution. The deterioration of the natural balance is also the main reason. Blind-cutting of trees has disturbed the cycle of weather. Pollution has also increased due to lack of greenery in densely populated areas.

Measures to Improve

To avoid various types of pollution, more and more trees should be planted; the amount of greenery should be more. There should be dense trees along the roads. Populated areas should be open, ventilated, covered with greenery. Factories should be kept away from the population and think of ways to destroy polluted sewage from them.

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