how Christmas is celebrated

how Christmas is celebrated around the world: All the festivals celebrated in the world. Their motives are only love. Today, on the special occasion of Christmas, we will know how Christmas is celebrated. How to prepare for Christmas. What message does Christmas Day give to the world.

how Christmas is celebrated

Christmas Day is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. This is a special festival of Christianity. God Christ was born on this day. People of the Christian community celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm. On this day, there is a holiday in the whole world. All festivals are celebrated to promote love and mutual understanding. They have the same purpose of Christmas Day. In order to maintain love and faith in God especially among children, many types of events are organized on this day.

When is Christmas Day celebrated

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th of December. This is called the big day. It is believed that the Messiah was born on this day, who is called the God of the Christian community. Christmas is celebrated for 12 days, thus it runs till 6 January.
All religions teach the lesson of love. This festival has the same purpose. It also gives the message of maintaining love and trust in humans.

Merry Christmas Speech in English

The 12-day Christmas festival is known as Christmas Tide. These days everyone gives gifts, flowers, cards etc. to each other. Also these days Christmas songs are sung and in many countries. Santa’s practice is followed on this day. Young children wish for new gifts from Santa Claus and on this day Santa fulfills their wish.

Christmas Day Story

Christmas Day is considered to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. Facts about it are written in the Bible. Many stories are told about them. It is said according to the fact that at the time of his birth, God gave a hint to humans that a part of God is going to be born among you as Messiah to protect and enlighten them.

how Christmas is celebrated arround the world - History of Christmas Tree

Jesus is called the Messiah. His mother’s name was Mary and father’s name was Joseph. His parents were not married when he was going to be born. His father was a carpenter. At the time of his birth, God sent his parents the message of his divine being through an angel and many knowledgeable Mahatma People also knew that part of God is going to be born. At the time of his birth, his parents were trapped in a wooded area. Jesus was born among many animals, which many great intelligent people had come to see. It is said that day was Christmas.

History of Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has the most importance in celebrating Christmas Day. There is also a mythological story behind it, how the tree came to be decorated on this day.

how Christmas is celebrated arround the world - History of Christmas Tree

Celebration is done by decorating the evergreen tree on Christmas day. This tradition started in Germany, in which, to make a sick child happy, his father made the evergreen tree beautiful and gifted it.

Apart from this, it is also said that when Jesus was born. All the Gods decorated the evergreen tree to express their happiness, since then this tree was considered as a symbol of the Christmas tree and this tradition became prevalent.

Christmas Day Celebrations

This festival starts several days before Christmas, in which people of Christian race or who believe in it. They all read the Bible these days, meditate and also fast or fast according to their religion. Along with celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas, he also gives a message of peace in the world. Jesus is considered a symbol of peace and virtue, these days stories of his life are read and heard, so that a feeling of peace, kindness, virtue and love can be produced in man.

how Christmas is celebrated around the world - Christmas Traditions

In these days, everyone cleans their house and all the surrounding places, decorates them. Many make good fun. Bring gifts for loved ones, make cards. And meet each other and give them cards and gifts. These days, the church is praised, meditation is done, songs are sung, candles are lit and celebrated. The birth of Jesus is celebrated, especially in the church.


Now you have understood how Christmas is celebrated. If you want to tell to your friend and family that how Christmas is celebrated, then definitely share this post with them. Because the festival of Christmas Day teaches a sense of love and kindness. The more we celebrate it, the closer we come to our loved ones. The festival teaches the lesson of love of any religion. That’s why we should celebrate all festivals by heart.

We wish you all Merry Christmas!

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